Tuning can often unlock the power and economy already in your vehicle. On the average, we will see a 2-4 mile per gallon increase. In some isolated cases we have serviced, the vehicle has gained up to 9 MPG. We can provide gains in horsepower for better acceleration, towing and overall performance. Factory vehicles all contain a generic or “one size fits all tune”. When you use a handheld tuner you get a generic change to a generic tune. At EFI Tuning, we build each tune per vehicle so it is custom tailored to you and your specific uses. All at a cost less than most handheld tuners would cost
 If you change wheel and tire combinations or size, not only does it throw off your speedometer reading, but it can also affect transmission shift points. This will also cost you power and economy. You may ask yourself “Why do I need to tune my vehicle if it runs fine?” While this may be true, there can always be improvment. A fuel injected vehicle is always searching for the perfect amount of fuel and timing. This searching is costing you economy and performance. When we perform a tune for you, we calibrate your PCM so that it is not searching to the extremes. We will bring it closer to its target fuel and timing. In most cases a tune is needed when exhaust, camshaft, heads, or intake systems have been changed.